The Greater Lincolnshire Public Service Compact holds several good practice events each year.

In 2019 we staged well-attended events on  'Apprenticeships', 'Retention Strategies' and 'Networking and Partnership Working'

In addition to the events we hold four Steering Group meetings per year, where members can influence the future direction of the Compact, including the content of future events. 

Other activities benefiting members include rolling out an action plan to implement activity to work closely with the GLLEP on workforce development, increase the number of Apprentices working in public service and attracting young people into public service.

Current members range across public and private sector organisations and currently we have 33 member organisations including the most local authorities, all 3 NHS Trusts, all 4 Lincs FE colleges, both Universities in the county and representatives from the third sector and the trade unions.

If you want more information about the Compact contact the facilitator Gail Dunn via