The D2N2 Public Service Compact was born in early 2016, when the former Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire Compacts agreed to merge their membership.  The Compact holds several events each year.  Other events continue to disseminate good practice in retaining staff and promote partnership working arrangements among our membership.

In addition to these events we hold four Steering Group meetings per year, where members can influence the future direction of the Compact, including the content of future events.

Other activities benefiting members include access to trade union support for functional skills, promotion of public sector jobs at external events and access to shared resources.

Current members range across public and private sector organisations and include both County Councils, both major City Councils most of the other local authorities, comprehensive representation from the NHS in both counties, all of the major training providers and representation from private sector organisations providing public services.

Futures Advice, Skills & Employment were appointed Facilitator for the Compact from January 2024.  All information on activity and access to the membership Portal is now managed from the following site:

D2N2 Public Service Compact