East Midlands Public Service Compacts

Who are we?

Our members are organisations who work in the public sector, their partners and suppliers. There are two Compacts - Greater Lincolnshire and D2N2, which covers Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire. Have a look at the home page for your area to find out who's with us already!

What do we do?

The Compacts enable public service organisations to work together to share good practice and address the particular challenges that face public sector employers. We encourage and facilitate partnership working and collaborative solutions around recruitment, retention, workforce development and access to resources.

How do we do that?

Good practice events bring professional development opportunities into the East Midlands. Events offer opportunities to network with decision-makers in other public service organisations, working together to develop common solutions to shared problems. Recent and planned events include current and ongoing issues such as the Apprenticeship agenda, Recruiting and Retaining the Future Workforce, Enabling Collaborative Arrangements ... and if you attend Steering Group meetings you can have a say in the future direction of the Compact.

How do I join?

The Compacts are membership organisations. For a small annual fee you will gain:

  • free access to all events for any number of delegates;
  • access to the on-line discussions and webinars;
  • the opportunity to attend Steering Group meetings to influence the future direction of the Compacts.

For more information about joining your Compact, see the home page for your area.